Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dream In Chocolate: How Much People Love Natural Chocolate

Take away a woman’s chocolate and some say you take away her
soul. People throughout the ages have loved healthy bites of
divine chocolate.

Queen Isabella first learned about chocolate when Columbus
returned from America. He bestowed the magical brown beans known
today as cocoa beans.

Often called the food of the Gods, natural chocolate was used
by the Aztec Indians who made their own hot chocolate as a sort
of royal drink. Emperor Montezuma served bitter chocolate in
golden goblets, but Spaniards later decided to sweeten it with
cane sugar.

Sugar-free options for chocolate

Today we have the option of sugarless candy and chocolates that
do not contain cane sugar. We understand better that sugar is
not ideal for our health.

One of the first hints that a woman might be getting her period
soon is the fact she begins to crave chocolate. Women love
natural chocolate because it eases her moodiness and helps her
feel more in balance. Experts say that is because chocolate
contains magnesium, which is important for our health. But
instead of indulging in sugar, which can make PMS symptoms
worse, it’s wise to try sugarless candies and chocolates that
are natural and healthy.

What does chocolate taste like?

Why is it people crave chocolate whether they have a deficiency
in magnesium or not? Chocolate teases the senses with its aroma
and luscious taste and texture.

Experts say chocolate actually contains more than 300 distinct
chemicals. Caffeine is surprisingly found in small quantities in
chocolate so, if you want a caffeine high, it’s better to select
coffee. Experts say the combination of caffeine and Theobromine,
another weak stimulant, does provide a lift for chocolate

Finally, chocolate contains Phenylethylamine, which is related
to amphetamines. They are stronger stimulants. When you dive
into a box of chocolate or visit the chocolate store, your body
and brain is probably going crazy with desire. Just be smart and
select the sugarless candy and natural chocolates for better

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